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Mopresidente oa NUM Cde. James Motlatsi: o bua ka histori ya khatello merafong (article written in Sotho language)
Nature and extent of the SADF's involvement in the Angolan conflict

Press release issued by Defence Headquarters in Pretoria regarding South Africa's involvement in Angola. Included is a statement issued by the Chairman of the Apartheid Committee on 24 February 1977 in response to the press release.

NUM president speaks Cde. James Motlatsi: on the history of oppression on the mines
Offensiewe optrede teen SWAPO

Memorandum sent from General Magnus Malan, Chief of the South African Defence Force, to the Chairman of the State Security Council (SSC), with regard to offensives against SWAPO in the light of the SSC short term strategy for South West Africa.

Peace mission to Lusaka
Peace-making in rural Natal
Pietermaritzburg: the first real study of a complicated tragedy
SADF in the townships - player or referee?
Security: a hot debate in mid-winter
South African Defence Force

South African Defence Force

Stop the violence or talks are off - ANC warns government
The declaration to end conscription

Pamphlet of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference explaining its call for an end to conscription.

U mongameli we NUM uqabane James Motlatsi ethetha ngembali yengcinezelo emogodini (article written in Xhosa language)
We must be seen to be a People's Army
Why De Klerk did the shuffle?


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