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Possible policy positions, The South African Communist Party on Land Reforms: a personal briefing for Ray Simons

Background of land reform and the Party's role, the South African Communist Party and other political organisations' involvement in land reform and policies for land reform.


Inner-Party circular on the issue of a probation period for new members.

Quo Vadis the Unity Movement?
Rally speech

Speech by Joe Slovo at a SACP Rally held at the Lentegeur Stadium in Mitchells Plain, on Sunday 29 April 1990.

Recommendations of Consultative Conference

Recommendations of the South African Communist Party Consultative Conference. Recommends transforming the party, that there should be internal democracy and accountability, public accountability, that the relationship between the party and fraternal organisations should change.

Reflections on reading the draft programme
Republic slogan
Resolution on the International Communist Movement

States that all communists should urgently come together to evaluate the serious problems facing the movement, such as US agression in Vietnam, attempts to re-colonise Africa, and the need for unity. Requests the convening of an international meeting.

Review: Alex Callinicos, South Africa between reform and revolution
SACP 8th Congress: Standing orders and rules of the Congress

Paper discussing rules and procedure of the South African Communist Party

SACP contribution towards an election manifesto

South African Communist Party (SACP) draft discussion document on the election manifesto. Contextualises the elections for a Constituent Assembly, discusses what the election manifesto should encompass and outlines outstanding strategic issues.

SACP faces critical challenges
SACP reading list

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

SACP welcomed as party of the workers
Seize the Time
Slovo speaks


Some thoughts on a potential party intervention in the economic debate

An essay giving thoughts on a potential party intervention in the economic debate

South Africa: the Party faithful


South African Communist Party Central Committee: Statements and resolutions
South African Communist Party: May Day

South African Communist Party sticker for May Day


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