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Inqaba ya basebenzi

Inqaba ya basebenzi, published in London by the Marxist Workers' Tendency of the African National Congress documents the workers' struggle for national liberation, democracy and socialism.

Ikwezi December 1977
Ikwezi December 1978
Ikwezi Number 20 July 1982
Ikwezi June 1978
Ikwezi Number 16 June 1981
Ikwezi Number 12 June 1979
Ikwezi Volume 2 No 1 March 1976
Ikwezi March 1978
Ikwezi Number 12 June 1979
Ikwezi Number 19 March 1982
Ikwezi Number 16 March 1981
Ikwezi Number 14 March 1980
Ikwezi Number 11 March 1979
Ikwezi Volume 2 No 4 December 1976
Ikwezi April 1977

Ikwezi, a Xhosa word meaning "rising star", was a Marxist-Leninist journal devoted to proletarian socialist revolution in Southern Africa, published in England by "a group of South African and Southern African revolutionaries with long histories of devotion to the struggle for freedom in Southern

Ikwezi April 1977
Frelimo decalres itself a Marxist-Leninist Party
Ikwezi Volume 2 No 3 August 1976


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