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Democracy Watch - education for citizen publication
We the People Election 94
10 years of Parliament
New SA ten years later
The New African Vol 2 No 34
African Christian Democratic Part - Press Cuttings
The Indaba Vision
Various press cuttings during 1980
The Creation of a Mass Movement: Strikes and Defiance , 1950 - 1952

The paper is a part of a large study of Black South African political history.......

Some Origins of the Ethiopian Movement in Southern Africa

this paper covers some aspects of Ethiopianism1and draws from a.....

Precolonial Societies of South Africa: Some Historiographical Observations

This paper began as a contribution to a session on precolonial....

The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa compared

The dominant tradition in historical scholarship is one that deals in single cases. The time, energy, and talents of the typical historian are fully engaged......

Indian Goodwill Club

Photograph of the Indian Goodwill Club

Indian Family outside hut

Beyond indenture and until the 1960s, the majority of the descendants of the Indian indentured continued to experience abnormal family life ...

Rowlands with Fellow Councilors, Sunday School Teachers, Superintended

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Indians in South Africa

Race, political, labour, sugar plantations, slave labour, Indian market, social culture, treatment, segregation

The Agreement between India and South Africa

In writing for the International Review of Missions concerning the Agreement between the South African and Indian Governments, which has reconciled some of the gravest outstanding difficulties, it is right that I should lay stress, at the outset, on the spiritual side of the long conflict.

Bleeding Punjab Warns

DHANWANTRI, the author was a comrade-in-arms of Bhagat Singh, was the President o/the Lahore District . Congress Committee for six years and is a prominent Communist leader of the Punjab.

Colonial Affairs. The Bond of Color

Western nations would be unwise to ignore the revolution in thought which has taken place throughout those parts of the world inhabited by the darker races. Westerns ave previously classed them as coloured people and implied thereby that they were inferior to the sp called white races.....


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