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Fallacies of "The White Enlightenment"
Fighting Talk Volume 12 Number 10 October 1956

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.10 Mar 1961
Letter from Jennifer Davis to Phyllis Naidoo

Today it is intellectually fashionable to dismiss Africa as the continent of pestilence and ethnic conflict. A respected African American journalist even expresses gratitude that, because of slavery, he was born in America instead of Africa.


Letter from Joe to Phyllis Naidoo

Your letter of 14 April arrived a couple days ago, looks like mail is not too regularly to this sand blown place.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Sanderson Meyer's

Sanderson Meyer 's Just pay up and buy your salvation treatment of the TRC business hearing is under reply. I wish to remind you Sir that the newspapers housed in Osborne Street (their forbears) paid R4million for the building that you conduct your business from.

Negritude or Black Cultural Nationalism
NUM presidents call for abolition of slavery on SA mines
Remarks on the draft theses of the Workers party
The road to slavery
The role of capitalism in South African history: First attacks of colonialism on African society
The spirituality of African peoples
Tropical Africa before the colonialists: a Marxist approach
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