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A group of workers at a mine, possibly New Primrose Mine, Transvaal


Handwritten note on the back of the photograph (probably by the archivist who sorted the collection):

"? New Primrose Mine, Tvl"


Stamped on the back of the photograph:

Margaret Ellen Louise Metcalf, holding two assegais and a shield


There is a note on the shield in the photograph :

"A Merry Christmas from Forbes Reef Swazieland 1893"


Handwritten note on photograph:

"Margaret Ellen Louise Metcalf"



Erskine family papers (KCM 98/57) ;

File 5


A group of warriors posing for a photograph


Unlabelled photograph

A group of Basotho warriors


Handwritten label on page: : "Native warriors"

Basotho warriors carrying knobkerries and shields


Handwritten label on page: "Native warriors"

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