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The Economic Development of the Indian Community
Vocational guidance service for Indians
SIYAYA / IDASA. Issues 4 1999
Sources and Issues in the History of South Africa's small towns

There are few histories of South African towns and many of them are acts of religious, familial, racial piety

Letter from Robin to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Robin to Phyllis Naidoo

TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter Number 27 December 1993
Contesting the terrain of development - Hartebeesfontein
TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) Newsletter, 1983 - 1990

TRAC, the Rural Action Committee, established in 1983 as a project of the Black Sash, published this Newsletter with the intention of giving communities under threat of forced removal in the Transvaal province access to information about other communities in similar situations, as well as creatin

Geographical Location, Access to Services and Employment, and Economic Well-Being in Two Rural Ciskei Villages
The Challenge of Metropolitan Government in Durban
Rural-Urban Linkages and Definitions of Rural-Urban Linkages and the Urbanisation Process in South Africa
Defining 'Rural' 'Urban' and 'Urbanisation'
Welfare Services: The Impact of Services Upon Rural-Urban Linkages
Utility Services - Water
Local Authorities: Local Government and Service Delivery. The Amatola Basin in Ciskei
Commercial Services in Rural Areas - A Case Study
Commercial Services and Rural-Urban Linkages
Perceptions of Local Attitudes on Access to Services (2)


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