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Isipingo Hills Mosque Minbar pulpit from where the priest Maulana delivers his sermon

Muslims make up about 3% of South Africa's population of nearly 60 million. Muslims have lived in South Africa for hundreds of years and haveĀ ...

Dhamek Stupa in Deerpark at Sarnath near Banares Varanasi where the Buddha gave his first sermon 16th Century

The Dhamek Stupa is said to mark the spot where the Buddha gave the first sermon to his first five disciples, led by Kaundinya, after attaining enlightenment,"revealing his Eightfold Path leading to nirvana".

Letter from Brenda Meakins to Reverend Donald Nester

The Right Reverend Donald Nestor Bishop of Lesotho.

Letter from Alan Paton to Leo Rakale
Letter from Alan Paton to Leo Rakale
Instrument of Thy Peace by Alan Paton
Sermon by Dr Arthur L Kinsolving
A war sermon

A war sermon

Letter from George Pray to Alan Paton
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