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African Man

Photograph of an African man holding a spear.

Children playing dice games

Color scene of children playing dice games outdoors.

'Ukuzingela noKwalusa'

A black ad white scene of a man hunting with his dog, and on another scen a man is herding a goat.

Bhaca Woman

Sketch portrait of a Bhaca woman carrying a pot on her head.


A black and white scene of a Bhaca woman coming from collecting wood in the forest, 'Ukutheza'.

A Rickshaw- puller with Passengers

A sketch of a Rickshaw-puller with European passengers.

A Rickshaw- puller

A sketch scene of a Rickshaw- puller.

Two sketches of Dung Beetles

Two sketches of Dung- beetles rolling dung balls.

Sketch of Dung Beetles

Sketch of Dung- beetles rolling dung balls.


Sketch scene of Zulu ear plugs, 'Iziqhaza'.

"Amabutho nezinkomo"

Color scene of cattle being led and driven by warious after a victorious battle.

'Amabutho nezinkomo"

Color scene of a herd of cattle being driven by warious after a victorious battle.

"Isangoma Ekhaya"

Color scene of Isangoma giving medication to a home he is invited in.

Bhaca Man: Face cuts

Portrait of a Bhaca man dressed in modern clothes with face cuts' Ukuchaza'.


Nine compiled portrait of a different faces showing the different types of face tribal marks, 'ukuchaza' . Families represented in this are Sosibo, Maphanga, Gambu and Khubone.

Bhaca Woman

Portrait of a Bhaca woman covered in sores from a disease or burnt. 


Portrait of a male figure pooping on the veld.


Portraitof a baby boy named 'Intungwa' .

A Man feeding his Baboon

Black and white scene of a man feeding his baboon mealies while it is sitting on top of a roof of a hut.

Portrait of a Male Sangoma

Black and white portrait of a Male Sangoma.


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