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The crisis over the land

Article on the government's dispossession of Black's from their land and its policy of separate development resulting in the creation of Bantustans with deplorable living conditions

The likely effects of Ciskeian independence: Paper presented at National Conference 1982

The Likely Effects of Ciskeian Independence- paper presented at National Conference on 13 March 1982 discussing homelands, land ownership, separate development, Urban Areas Act, homelessness, eligibility for benefits.

The Poison of practical apartheid
The Price of Segregation
These are the last days

Extract from an address delivered in Pietermaritzburg at a meeting of the South African Institute of Race Relations. Note that sections of the document are barely legible.

Threshold of a new South Africa
Time for a Change: Opening Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference in Durban

Time for a Change: Opening Address by Jean Sinclair presented at the Black Sash National Conference in Durban on 15 October 1973, discussing: 25 years of Apartheid, Bantustans, migrant labour, Black consciousness, strikes, education, separate development, NUSAS.

Trends in society: An address delivered to the University Christian Movement at Stutterheim on 9th July 1968
Turning of the Eye
Two Significant Election Results
When the Ovambo Went Home
Why it Won't Work


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