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"Divided We Stand, United We Fall"
"Unity in Participation" Huhudi: A case study in resistance to removal: Paper presented at National Conference 1984

"Unity in Participation" Huhudi: A case study in resistance to removal: paper presented at National Conference on 17 March 1984 discussing forced removals, apartheid, segregation, Urban Areas Act, labour, housing, homelands, resistance, case studies.

A Master Plan for Unity
A Roar on the Otherside of Silence - Two Chronicles of the Penultimate Xhosa War
African family housing in urban areas

Article on regulations governing the control and supervision of an urban Bantu residential area and the many hardships that these regulations inflicted on african families

African land and property rights
Apartheid - Only a Policy?
Apartheid and the Medical School

SOYA condemns the idea of the governments intention to transfer administrative control of the Medical School, Durban from the University of Natal to the Univdersity of South Africa, and further condemns the whole system of oppression in dividing the people by colour and now in education as well.

Bantu education and the African teacher
Bone-throwing at Umbilo
Declaration of Unity and the Ten Point Programme

Statement approved by the Continuation Committee of the Preliminary Unity Conference of Delegates from the AAC and the National Anti-C.A.D., December 17, 1943. This document highlights and describes the Ten Point Programme of the Unity Movement.

Defend the right to sit where you like: resist train apartheid

Circular convening a meeting to discuss segregation on trains and flyer calling on passengers to resist segregation on trains by sitting in seats marked For Whites Only.

Desegregation and the U.S. labor movement
Desegregation in the south
Editorial: "Free Enterprise" and the "Blackspots"
Editorial: The Orderly Movement Bill
Equitable Partition in South Africa?
Ethnic universities


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