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Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of The Natal Witness
Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of The Witness, Daily News and Mercury
Spy shock for Brigadier van den Bergh: Security Police Chief says Higgs and Watson would'nt have escaped
Black Sash: SASH/Journalists, Tony Oosthuizen, Vicky Quinlan (Natal Witness), Joan Kerchhoff, Pat Merrett and 2 security police women

Black and white print 15 x 20.3

Black Sash: CCB protest, Gail Wannenberg, guest, Lorraine Basset, Security Police

Colour print 8.4 x 12.6

Black Sash: CCB protest, Mary Kleinenberg and security police woman taking details

Colour print 12.6 x 8.4

Liberal Party with Security Police in attendance

Black and white print 20 x 22cm original

E-mail from Pascual Pastrana to Phyllis Naidoo

Details of the killings and torture of high-profile anti-apartheid activists in the Eastern Cape, as well as of security police methods and structures, are expected to emerge du~ing a five-week sitting of the Amnesty Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which begins in Port Elizab

Editorial: More Detentions
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