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Bantu education and the African teacher
The new order in Bantu education
Religious patronage-Cyrene
Desegregation in the south
The Abyss of Bantu education
The grave of the mind
Symbols at Little Rock

ON May 17, 1984, the United States Supreme Court handed down a unanimous ruling that racial segregation in public schools denies equal protection of the laws and so contravenes the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The effects of the current unrest on township children

Article about how township children were jailed, shot and killed, some served long prison sentences, others lost valuable years of schooling, many were forced into the lowest paid unskilled jobs while others joined the ranks of the increasing numbers of unemployed youth in our country.

Model C schools - the ongoing charade
Incident at Trafalgar High School

A teacher's account of an unprovoked attack on school children of Trafalgar High School, Cape Town by riot police from the South African Police Services.


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