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Why the nationalist say there is no place for mission schools
Farewell to mission schools
Letter from Headmaster of Rondebosch Boys' High School to all fathers of R.B.H.S. pupils

The letter discusses security measures for the school, and includes a request for assistance from fathers to patrol the school premises, particularly during the holiday period

Report on school results
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.37 Sep 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.44 Nov 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.9 Mar 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.25 Jul 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.5 Feb 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.49 Dec 1954
Grassroots Volume 8 Number 1 February 1987

A non-profit community newsletter.

Grassroots Volume 9 Number 1 February 1988

A non-profit community newsletter.

Grassroots Volume 11 Number 1 February 1990

A non-profit community newsletter.

Crossroads school protest
Fighting Talk Volume 15 number 9 October 1961

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats in Southern Africa

The Church of the Province of South Africa

Essay discusses the issues such as the training of Black and White priests, multiracial church services, church schools.

Embracing the future
Education: Private schools - vice or virtue


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