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Addendum to Memorandum to the Honourable Minister of Community Development of Removal of the restriction of developnment in Grey Street Complex
Memorandum on wages and conditions of agricultural workers in Natal sugar industry
Workers strikes press cuttings
Be In
Vocational guidance service for Indians
Report on vocational guidance
Write an essay on India and win
Newspaper articles on Racism and Schools in South Africa
The Black Consciousness Movement
Lessons from the Field: A Decade of Democracy

Lessons from the Field: A Decade of Democracy was a project of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA). supported by Ihe Ford Foundation.

School Medical Services

Nurse examining a child

Fancy dress parade

50th Anniversary in Verulam

Letter from Ray to Phyllis Naidoo

In one day I will be leaving this country and believe me, I can hardly wait.

School building under construction & completed building

School buildings

King Cetshwayo
H Lander and H S Done School Sports 1951

Dimensions - 1899 x 967

Memorandum submitted by the Orient Islamic Educational Trust

The Orient Islamic Educational Trust was formed as a non-profit sharing Company under laws of the Union, with the object of establishing residential and day schools and hostels for Indian  children in Natal and elsewhere....

Effectiveness of staff development programmes in Indian secondary schools

In this study, the elements of successful staff development programmes were identified and used as a frame of reference to determine the effectiveness of such programmes in Indian secondary schools. The empirical study revealed the strengths and weaknesses of current programmes.


It is with great pleasure that I see this report:going to Press on the need for day-care services for children at Chatsworth.

Transvaal Schools Speech Contest

R.A.M Salojee - Address


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