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Nottingham Road School Handicraft Exhibition
Old Indian Photo - Transvaal ? (with negatives).
PC149: Eleanor Nash Collection: 'At play school, Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital', Nqutu

Colour slide

PC149: Eleanor Nash Collection: 'School and inmates', Nqutu, Zululand

Colour slide

Peter Brown Collection: A Department School in Pretoria West. Circuit - 3 distinct classes in session

Black and white print 10 x 15cm original

Peter Brown Collection: Printed copy of photograph of a school playground

Black and white print 6.3 x 8.2cm printers' proof

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Armed police surround school children

Black and white print 24.6 x 16.6

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Bulfontein school now derelict three years after it was closed

Printed image 11.9 x 17.8

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: French school children outside the main entrance to the school

Black and white print 23.1 x 17.8

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: School boycott at a Transvaal school

Cover of Reality, July 1980

Black and white print 16.8 x 24.5

Peter Coates, portrait as a young school boy

Black and white print 14 x 20cm

Picking wild flowers
Platoon system at schools

A system in which pupils are split into groups and undertake separate classes or activities, especially (in earlier use) in rotation, so that a longer school day might include periods of exercise, vocational work.

Pre-School Debs in Phoenix

Children enjoying the Pre-School Debs

Presentation by Mr K Naidoo

Presentation by Mr K Naidoo


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