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Work In Progress 49
COSATU Third National Congress 12 - 16 July. Bi-Annual Report
Letter from Micere to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Micere to Phyllis Naidoo.

Sanctions press cuttings
Disinvestment & Sanctions: 1986
Economic Sanctions press cuttings
Affirmative action into the '90s : discussion paper

This Discussion Paper is a very important part of the process of review.

Articles from Journal of Commerce
Trade and Industry
Cosatu Press Cuttings
Newspaper articles on India and South Africa 1980s and 1990s
Labour Party and coloured’s Press Cuttings
Indaba news - Issue 16 - August/September 1988
Zimbabwe is not negotiable

The whole concept of selective mandatory sanctions is based on a faulty hypothesis - that Rhodesia's political structure will collapse with the application of pressures on the economy.

Common sense and South African freedom

Editorial on "Common sense and South African freedom".

Britain and the crisis in Rhodesia: military intervention the essential factor

Sanctions cannot set Rhodesia on the road to democratic rule.

Africa expects...


Africa wants an answer

Are the communists trying to have it both ways?.

The sanctions question: refining the debate
The sanctions question: The sanctions debate and the Black Sash


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