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Congress Resister February 1984
Congress Resister July 1984
Congress Resister July 1985
Congress Resister August 1987
Revolutionary struggle in South Africa

Announcement of a public meeting to take place in London, about the revolutionary struggle in South Africa.

Ethical problems, options and strategies facing the Black church today
Notes on Theory No 6: What is socialism Part 2
Morocco: monarchy and revolution
Revolution is now
An addendum
No revolution round the corner
Revolution: further reflections
Revolutions are not abnormal
Revolution in South Africa
The anatomy of revolution
State of organisation and the way forward

Paper by John Motshabi on the state of the African National Congress and the way forward. Covers military strategy, enemy infiltration, programme of action, democratic participation, negotiations and seizure of power, building a revolutionary army, cadre policy.

Article in underground leaflet 'Freedom'

Article in underground leaflet 'Freedom' issued by the South African Communist Party in November 1967 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution

South Africa's racist state and the national democratic revolution

Paper by Jack Simons on apartheid and the democratic revolution. Examines the history of political systems in South Africa, looks at the Constitution, racial segregation, white supremacy, exclusions of Africans and the racist government.

The Cape Action League capitulates!
Counter revolution in the name of democracy


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