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Editorial: The Old and the New
Statement of a joint meeting of the National Executive Council and the RC of the ANC (SA) held in Luanda on 27th December 1978 to 1st January 1979

Statement of the African National Congress National Executive Committee on a visit to Vietnam to discuss the revolutionary experience of the Vietnam people and to draw on their experience for the South African struggle.

Counter-revolution in Angola: South African destabilisation
The roots of counter-revolution in Angola: CIA involvement
Counter-revolution in Angola: Savimbi's links to Portugal
Cubans celebrate 30 years
Images of defiance: South African resistance posters of the 1980`s

Mayibuye, published for many years as a small, underground newsletter, was one of three African National Congress publications alongside Sechaba and Dawn (Umkhonto we Sizwe). Circulation was limited and hampered by conditions of illegality.

Editorial: A new era
After the colonial revolution
Lessons of losing power: Grenada`s New Jewel Movement
The lesson of Kampuchea
Palestine will be free! Zionism, white supremacy and the Palestine revolution
Developing a revolutionary style of work
What kind of Zimbabwe
Revolutionary African students reject detente
Correct approach to problem of White racialism in South Africa
Pretoriastroika: who benefits?
On the threshold of the 21st century: Calling all Azanians
Message from the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) to the Workers` Summit held on 26 August 1989


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