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Letter from Nersen to Phyllis Naidoo

How are you doing? How is Suks and the boys? Is Anna well? The family? Are you healing well?

Letter from Monroe to Phyllis Naidoo

Here is a schematic list of memories which are tucked away just behind Ferns and my cerebrums – (the chronology gets blurred but the love is always there):

Letter from a friend to Phyllis Naidoo

How is life over there in the mountain kingdom? Fine, I hope.

Postcolonialism in the wake of the Nairobi revolution: Ngugi wa Thiong'o and the idea of Africa
Called to Reconciliation
The Role of Liberal Forces
The Long View: John Harris, Contact vol 8, no. 4
God and the underdog

Thoughts on the rise of Africa.

Africa's bitter dilemma

Revolutions have often occurred in the history of nations.

The advent of revolution

The great social convulsions of this decade, the post-Sharpeville period, reached their peak on the banks of Bashee River and in the slums of Paarl.

Helping the revolution: a story

A personal story.

Marxism through African eyes

How Africa sees Marxist interpretation of the African revolution.

Forward with Umsebenzi
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.23 1964
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.11 1958
European socialism: breaching the wall
Revolutionary song
Money Makes The World Go Around
"The External and Internal Menaces to Liberal Democratic Societies"


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