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Sir Theophilus Shepstone ins his Pietermaritzburg garden during his retirement

Black and white print 15.6 x 21.8cm

Letter from Luke Trainor to Phyllis Naidoo

How delightful to receive your gift of the books on the constitution and to have your inscription on them! It the kind of you to take the trouble.

Letter from Bill and Bodil to Phyllis Naidoo

Has a year really passed since we last sent you a letter? Many of you have sent Christmas cards and letters and photos to us and we are very happy about that. This letter is a kind of reply even if it's one-way information. We have read and re-read your cards and letters many times. Send more!

Mr S Bagwandeen - Biography

Mr Mr. S. Bagwandeen, a staunch Congressman and a well-known social worker, has retired after serving the
Glencoe Indian School Society.....

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