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Editorial: Before the storm
Letter from Desmond Tutu to P W Botha A letter to Pretoria

Open letter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to PW Botha, excerpted as "A letter to Pretoria" in a briefing paper by the Amercian Committee on Africa, 1989.

Message to the churches

Letter of protest about the detention of Rev John Thorne on May 24, 1980, for no given reason or preferred charge.

Debate: working class culture and popular struggle
Review: the struggle for South Africa
Open letter to Archbishop Hurley, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference

Journal article containing an open letter to Archbishop Hurley, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference from five priests with response from Father Buti Tlhagle June 26, 1984.

Non violence news

This is a journal article about the review of the cases of Charles Yeats and Mark Viveiros.

The root of the matter: Black liberals?

An article calling for a united Black front to bring about political change in South Africa

3 years of united action
Soweto student speaks out: interview with Nkosazana Dlamini

Nkosozana Dlamini, vice-president of SASO, and member of the ANC, was in her fifth year of medical school when the June 16th uprising began. She was torn between finishing her medical training to become a doctor or continue abroad with political activity against the apartheid government.

Soweto - era of mass struggles begin
Women in focus
We cannot be silenced
Fighting for peace
Forward with the people's paper
Passing on the message
Join the struggle, its ours' - Cissie Gool
Theatre born out of struggle
Worker and student militancy
Municipal workers march


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