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‘But We Were Thousands’ Dispossession, Resistance, Repossession and Repression in Mandela Park [ Evictions ]

This paper has been reduced by over a third for this seminar.

Zeerust: a profile of reistance
You will bite the dust!

Speech delivered by Archbishop Tutu at St Geoge's Cathedral in Cape Town at an inter-faith service convened to replace a banned protest rally to have taken place on the 13th March 1988, at the University of the Western Cape.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Workers march against LRA
Worker and student militancy
Words, words, words

Snippets about the comparisons between the South African and Irish resistance efforts against domination.

Women organise
Women on the march - a woman's place is in the struggle
Women making history: 9 August 1956
Women in focus
Women and passes (II)
Where does South Africa stand?
What is Cosatu?
We will not be silenced

Circular publicising a conference to be held in Cape Town on 2 May 1988, regarding the resistance of church organisations to state repression.

We mark our national days with battles
We cannot be silenced
Wars of resistance

Paper by Jack Simons on wars of resistance. Covers the Khoikhoi and San resistance, the Xhosa wars against dispossession, the Zulu opposition.

War resistance broadcast from Radio Freedom


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