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October 26: is it free and fair?
We are proved right
Towards a common future
Repression - workers under attack
Can we ask the question and find out the answer why our Brother Onkopotse Tiro was murdered in Botswana

The circular urges Blacks students to take note of the murder of Black leaders by the apartheid government. It is a call for a united reaction in the fight against apartheid.

Health care and repression
Workers summit
Notes on Theory No 3: The State
The Heart of darkness
Congress and the Africanists
The United States at U.N.O
Algeria and the future of France
The Single standard
Women and passes
The seven generals: a study of the Sudan
Algeria and France
Strategies of Repression in the State of Emergency

Article by the United Democratic Front on the State of Emergency and the counter-revolutionary forces in the townships.

Resistance politics will never be the same again...

Article by the United Democratic Front on the seven-month state of emergency, leaders who were in detention or had gone underground to avoid detention were re-emerging and the former are recovering slowly from the effects of lengthy incarceration.

Sudan's dictatorship: in the service of imperialism


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