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Report on Repression and Violence: Report Presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1991

Report on Repression and Violence: Report Presented at the Black Sash National Conference on 2 March 1991 discussing tribalism, politically motivated violence, homelands, ethnic violence, boycotts, police violence, civil unrest, apartheid.

NUSAS resumé 1981

Record of some of the main events that the National Union of South African Students initiated or was involved in during 1981, in particular, political events and continuing state repression.

The current situation inside SA

Report from Natal on the current political situation in South Africa. Examines results of regime's repression. Demonstrates refusal of the people to submit to Inkatha or the Government.

Republica Corruptissima: The Stranglehold of the Law
Editorial: Stoking The Fires
Editorial: Evil and Mad
Rule by the Big Stick: State of emergency Repression in the Eastern Cape
Viva Molly
Political Censorship in South Africa: Aims and Consequences
Editorial: Two Black Fridays or One?
Editorial: Early Days of '78
Ad. Hain: Democracy Safe in Her Hands
Press cuttings-repression of youth

Article on repression of youth regarding repression of students in 1984 as over 50 students were detained, an article on Sowetan regarding fun run to launch the International year of the youth in Soweto that has been organised by a community organisation in the same month, an artilcle on Sowetan

Black Peoples Convention: Press Release 3rd March 1973

The Black Peoples Convention press release in response to the banning of Black leaders

Regional congresses resolve to fight mine repression
Repression at Anglo mine
Workers under siege on the mines
The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

Editorial: The vision of Verwoerd
Immorality Act, Act No 23 of 1957

The Act was to consolidate and amend the laws relating to brothels and unlawful carnal intercouse and other acts in relation thereto


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