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Natives Resettlement Board: Annual Report 1958/59

Report of the Natives Resettlement Board for the year ended 31st March 1979, reporting on the forced removals of black people from Sophiatown, Martindale, Alexandra and being resettled in Meadowlands and Diepkloof.

NEW AGE 1954-1963

New Age, newspaper and its' predecessors, The Guardian; Advance were founded by trade unionists, academics and and was known as a leftist publication. New Age was linked to the African National Congress and its' leadership.

New Age Vol.1 No.12 Jan. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.24 Apr. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.30 May. 1955
New Age Vol.2 No.2756 May. 1956
New Age Vol.3 No.2957 May. 1957
New Age Vol.3 No.3357 Jun. 1957
New Age Vol.3 No.456 Nov. 1956
New Age Vol.3 No.5257 Oct. 1957
New Age Vol.4 No.957 Dec. 1957
New Age Vol.5 No.43 Aug. 1959
New Age Vol.6 No.19 Feb. 1960
New Age Vol.7 No.6 Nov. 1960
New Age Vol.7 No.7 Dec. 1960
New Age Vol.8 No.25 Apr. 1962
New Age Vol.9 No.462 Nov. 1962
New life for 30,000 families

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

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