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Areas of co-operation: what should UCM be

Pamphlet compiled by University Christian Movement about the possible ways to make Christianity relevent to all people - Black as well as White.

The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

The riot police and suppression of truth

This is a memorandum prepared for members of parliament about the riot police and suppression of truth.

Emergency convocation of churches in South Africa

This journal article is about the emergence convocation of churches in South Africa which was held in Johannesburg on 30-31 May, in order to outline a plan of effective non-violence campaign.

The heresy of apartheid

Journal article discussing the role of the Dutch Reformed Church in supporting the South African Government's policy of apartheid.

Statement by ABRECSA

Journal article containing the statement by Alliance of Black Reformed Christians in South Africa (ABRECSA) on their objectives at its recent conference held at Hammaskraal near Pretoria.

Prologomenon to the study of Black Theology

This is a journal article about theology. It covers definition of theology, systematic theology, historical perspectives, and Black theology

Apartheid and the reformation

This is a journal article about apartheid and reformation and it relevancy for South Africa.

Black theology in Bangkok: relevance for South Africa

This is a journal article about the Black theology in Bangkok. It also discusses the church in Africa and the relevance for South Africa.

The relevance of Black Theology

Journal article discussing the relevance of the Black Theology in South Africa in relation to the question of colour, in relation to the heretical ecclesiology, and in relation to the proclamation of the gospel.

Declaration of commitment

This journal article discusses statement issued by Bishop of the Catholic Church to their fellow Catholics after a three day consultation on social justice and reconciliation in February 1977.

Black theology

Journal article about the origins of Black theology, Black theology in Africa, and its objections and criticisms.

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