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Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.14 Apr 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.15 Apr 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.2 Jan 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.28 Jul 1961
Indian Pentecostalism: A Hindu Assessment

This is a significant study with in South Africa's religious and inter-religious context. It is based on empirical research which makes it, from this perspective , one of the rare documents reflecting on the methods used and the consequences of proselytization .

Interim Report of Commission of Enquiry into matters affecting the Indian population of the Province of Natal

Interim Report of Commission of Enquiry into matters affecting the Indian population of the Province of Natal.

Iziko lamakrestu lomzansi Afrika: Ifo la ba kreste Afrika Borwa

Programme, in English, for a symposium to be held on 13-14 August 1976 on the theme Encounter of African Religion with Christianity.

Joost de Blank: a farewell interview

Joost de Blank retired as Archbishop of Cape Town at the end of 1963.

Kathiawad Hindu Samaj(Natal)

SOME seventy-five years ago, a small band of intrepid men, born of the hardy soil of that small corner of India, known as Kathiawad, re-named Saurashtra and now forming part of the new State of Gujarat, came to the shores of South Africa.


Shamil Jeppie's book tells a fascinating story about a small but significant Durban-based Muslim organization that grappled with the compatibility between Islam and modernity.

Letter from E R Swart to Alan Paton

The present writer's interest in the Tamil community stems from his lone-standing interest in the Hindu religion, more particularly in its practice among Hindus in South Africa. With the division of the Hindu community of South Africa into four language groups, viz.

Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Natal Indian Judicial Commission - Memoranda.......

Newspaper articles on banning of Dr Manas Buthelezi

PEOPLE of all denominations were at St Mary's Catholic Church, Maritzburg, ,last night
to hear the Day of the Covenant service preached by Dr Manas Buthelezi. the recently
banned Natal regional directo·r of the Christian Institute

Newspaper cuttings on Mother Teresa

Newspaper cuttings on Mother Teresa

Notes on Rubusana
Parliament of World Religions 2009, Melbourne

Since 1993, the Parliament of the World’s Religions has convened every five years in a major international city (Chicago 1993, Cape Town 1999, Barcelona 2004). Sponsored by the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, the 2009 Parliament took place in Melbourne, Australia.


Phakamani, meaning "stand up", reflecting the call to stand up and join the democratic forces inside South Africa and abroad to oppose the legality of the South African Government, was published by the ANC Department of Religious Affairs in Zambia.

Popular religiosity: A liberative resource and a terrain of struggle
Prologomenon to the study of Black Theology

This is a journal article about theology. It covers definition of theology, systematic theology, historical perspectives, and Black theology


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