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Letter from Robin to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Robin to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Eva to Phyllis Naidoo

Thanks for your letter I am not too well but much better now as I went to a doctor and he said I must stay in bed but you know me that is one thing I can’t do.

Letter from a friend to Phyllis Naidoo

Deva said I must write. Now Deva has said a lot of things I must do which I haven’t.

Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo

Your two heart breaking letters received yesterday dated 10/6/80, and one today dated the 17th have left the entire family speechless with grief.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mrs Sexwale

I should have written to you a few weeks ago when we buried your son and my comrade Reggie. I promised Matabata that I would - but he gave me an address that did not sound correct.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Carol and Bud

I am replying to your letter of the 30th in an orange recycled envelope, with a pretty address at Flagstaff, the hills all iced and the nude trees in front. Very very pretty. Despite the airmail it took 15 days to arrive.


Letter to Reggie dated 24 April 1980

Letter to Reggie

Letter addressed to Dade from Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis writes to Dade.

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