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Drycleaner named as founders of saboteurs
Letter from Peter Brown to Miss J H Elder
Army knew of A.R.M - But Security men were not told
Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of the Rand Daily Mail
Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of the Daily News, Rand Daily Mail and Natal Witness
Letter from Edith to Phyllis Naidoo

I was indeed relieved to get your note of 31 December and I expect Elisa is, she was thrilled with your postcard.

Letter from L H Watlon to Peter Brown
Letter from Mag to Phyllis Naidoo

There are two two things I want to thank you for very very much. One was a message from Atony Thomas (which he admitted he delivered very late because of various commitments.) It made me very glad to bo remembered by you. I found his message on my answerphone, together with his phone number.

Letter from Munroe Gilmour to Phyllis Naidoo

Here are some thoughts about Chris which you requested: When you lived at the "Survival Center", I remember coming often (around meal time no doubt) and Chris, would be sitting there in a folding chair up against the wall leading to the back of the house.

Letter from Friend to Phyllis Naidoo

A bomb last night at Chris (ANC up here). He and the family okay. Car totally destroyed and part of the home. The guy setting the bomb error somewhere along the line and it went off, burnt him badly. He is a Mosotho, in his shock he mumbled things about Alfred from Bloemfontein.

Letter from Alan Paton to Mollie
Letter from Alan Paton to Molly
Letter from D H Philip to Alan Paton
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