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Managing South African transformation: the story of cricket in KwaZulu-Natal, 1994–2004

Sport has historically been an important element of South African popular culture, even though it was divided along racial lines for much of the country's history. In post-apartheid South Africa, sport is seen by politicians, sports officials and many ordinary people as a …

The Quest for 'Malay' identity in Apartheid South Africa

This study examines identity construction in twentieth-century South Africa, where successive white minority regimes attempted to define individuals according to reified notions of race and ethnicity, and demarcate 'race' groups deemed to have essential origins from other similarly constructed gr

`WHAT DO THEY KNOW OF CRICKET WHO ONLY CRICKET KNOW?': Transformation in South African Cricket, 1990-2000

This article charts developments in cricket during the past decade to explore issues related to social transformation and redress in post-apartheid South Africa.

Indian Muslims in South Africa: continuity, change and disjuncture, 1860-2000

Islam is a minority religion in South Africa. According to the 1996 census there were 553,585 Muslims out of a total population of forty million. Indian Muslims make up one of the two largest sub-groups, the other being 'Malay' .

Letter from Alan Paton to Evelyn Horwitz
The South African Institute of Race Relations 1929 to 1959
Inside South Africa

What is really wrong with South Africa?

Coming to grips

Report on the September 1965 Conference on Race and Colour at Copenhagen.

White women kissing Black men

A choice for film makers.

The brotherhood of Blackness

xtracts from a broadcast discussion held at the Transcription Centre, London, among a group of six Africans, West Indians and negro Americans.


Looking at the parallels between Shakespeare's Elizabethan world and the turbulence of urban African life.

Race and nationhood: an Africanist view

One of the most outstanding problems today is the use and application of the word "race".

The Amateur Racialists

An African in Britain.

Time for a United Front in South Africa?


Poems by Leonard Koza
Othello is No Moor!
American Impressions
Not Either with Tranquility
Room for Optimism
The Story of an African Femme


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