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Speak, published by Speak Collective, is a publication focussing on issues of interest mainly to women.

SASPU National, 1980 - 1987

SASPU National was one of two publications produced by the South African Students Press Union (SASPU), the other being SASPU Focus. A non-profit newspaper, about 25 000 copies of SASPU National were distributed mostly through organisations.

Speak - the voice of the community

Speak: the voice of the community, published by the Speak Community Newspaper Project, reflected the Transvaal communities' struggle against relocations, shack demolitions and evictions.


SASPU Focus was a feature-orientated publication aimed largely at raising student awareness: at its annual congress during December 1981 NUSAS adopted the theme 'Campus Action for Democracy' for 1982. This slogan called on students to understand, and act on, their university and their education.


The African National Congress began publication of Sechaba in 1967.

Programmes Unfolding
Breaking Down the Barriers

Rixaka, the cultural journal of the African National Congress, was launched to establish a platform allowing full expression of the cultural voice in the national liberation movement.

A Mixed Bag


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