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I Must Show You My Clippings
New Promise
Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena
The Story of an Afrikaner
The Diary of Maria Tholo
Marquard on Federalism
Turning of the Eye
Imagining a Future
The Foreign Policy of Apartheid
Differing Values
Only One Way
Book Reviews: The SA Police: Amnesty Alleges Partisan Role
Liberal Opinion/Reality

Liberal Opinion (1961-1968) was published by the Liberal Party of South Africa which was established in 1953 by Alan Paton, after the National Government had won its second General Election.

Pro Veritate

Pro Veritate, a Christian monthly journal, reflects a theological point of view towards the ideologies of the ruling National Party.

Negotiations, defiance and the Church
Book choice

Phakamani, meaning "stand up", reflecting the call to stand up and join the democratic forces inside South Africa and abroad to oppose the legality of the South African Government, was published by the ANC Department of Religious Affairs in Zambia.

Introduction:This is a record of some of the main events...

An illustrated record of some of the main events that NUSUS initiated, or was involved in, during 1981


Phambili, published by the Phambili Collective in Johannesburg, was a short lived publication comprising 3 issues published during 1988 and 1989.


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