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Amandla-Matla, a newsletter published and distributed underground by the African National Congress, supported and incited revolution against the South African Government.

American Policy Towards South Africa: An Agenda Beyond Constructive Engagement
ANC and its Alliance with the SACP
Apartheid - Our Picture
Apartheid versus "The Bomb"


Apdusa Views

Apdusa Views was first published in 1984. In that issue it was stated: "Apdusa Views sees as its task to act as a watchdog of the oppressed people. We intend to comment to warn and to expose all those who act against the interest of the people.

Arise! Vukani!

Arise! Vukani! was published by Action Youth in Johannesburg representing the principles of Action Youth which are cited as anti-racism, anti-imperialism, anti-ethnicity, anti-collaboration and anti-sexism.

Armies of the Night
Backcopies of the South African Labour Bulletin
Basil Davidson and revisionism in southern Africa
Bateleur Poets
Being a writer does not mean you had to go to school
Birth of APDUSA Views
Black Review

Black Review, was published as an irregular annual by Black Community Programmes (BCP),Durban, which was a major organization within the Black Conciousness movement. It was intended as a survey of contemporary events and trends in the Black community.

Black Sash / Sash

Sash, originally published as Black Sash, is a detailed record of the activities of the Black Sash organisation: the petitions, protests, marches, vigils, press releases and Conference papers which reflect the modus operandi of their desire to bring about change in the legislation which was, in t

Boeke (Article written in Afrikaans)
Boeke (Articles written in Afrikaans)
Book choice
Book exposes Anglo empire secrets
Book notes


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