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Afra Newsletter

Afra Newsletter, Report and Factsheet, all published by the Association for Rural Advancement, present case studies of families personally affected by the forced removals and "black spot" removal policy of the National Government.

Africa South

Africa South, a journal edited by Ronald M. Segal (1932-2008) was launched in Cape Town in 1956. The journal was published quarterly while funds were available. The last and final publication was issued in 1961. Ronald M.

African Communist, 1959 - 1994

The SACP did not publicly announce its existence until the state of emergency was declared by the government after the police massacres of Sharpeville and Langa in 1960.

Africanist News and Views

Africanist News and Views, published by the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) of Azania (South Africa), expressed the Pan-Africanist viewpoint in the struggle for liberation.

Africanist News and Views April/May 1973
Africanist News and Views December 1972
Africanist News and Views January 1973
Africanist News and Views March 1970
Africanist News and Views November 1972
Africanist News and Views October 1968
Africanist News and Views October 1968
After the ban

Editorial on the banning of The New African and other publications.

AGM - ideas for the future
AIDS Resource list


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