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Letter from Kathy to Phyllis Naidoo

I know that this is not a good time for you. With Fern and Monroe off, and Ron gone, and Dev in prison.

Letter from Susan to Phyllis Naidoo

I thought I would enclose a few newspaper articles from here which may have different information or perspective then you get.

Harold Strachan Complains of Prison Conditions - File 1 : 1965

Harold Strachan, Complains, Prison Conditions, Strachan, Prison

Biographies - L-N : Death Penalty and Executions
Biographies - H-K : Death Penalty and Executions
Letter from Kaka to Phyllis Naidoo

Your two heart breaking letters received yesterday dated 10/6/80, and one today dated the 17th have left the entire family speechless with grief.

Letter from Fern to Phyllis Naidoo

I'm assuming that you have returned to Lesotho according to your plans. How is everyone down south. We've gotten a number of pretty sad letters from Lesotho saying that they miss you. I know they will be really happy to have you back.

Letter from Jane to Phyllis Naidoo

Ive just found your letter and am horrified to see the date 15 April. Did I or did I not answer it? I always write "ans" after answering but it is not on this one.

The Indians in South Africa

South Africa herself belongs rightly to the West. It was from the countries of Europe that her early settlers came, yet it is significant that she first attracted public attention as a possible half-way house between East and West.

Report on my visit to South Africa

When I left India, early in December there had been many cables sent from South Africa describing the treatment to which it was stated many of the Indians strikers were being subjected on the Natal Coal Miners........



Prison from Fort Napier

Sepia print 15 x 6.7cm

Prison from Fort Napier

Sepia print 19.4 x 7.7cm

E-mail from Phyllis Naidoo to Jane

I've just found your letter of 14 Feb and i can't remember answering it, maybe i did and you owe me?

Report of Resident Magistrate of Umzinto

The comfort of Indian prisoners is well looked after. The cells and plank beds are more cleanly and comfortable than the ordinary Indian hut

Interview with Sbu Ndebele, conducted by Jeremy Seekings
Diepkloof Reformatory
Letters to M.D. Naidoo in lieu of visits during 1971

Letters written to M.D. Naidoo in 1971

Letters from Kisten Moonsamy to Phyllis

Kisten Moonsamy writes to Phyllis Naidoo from Robben Island.

Letter to Butterworths & Co from Phyllis

Phyllis writes to Butterworths & Co regarding the postage of the books for MD for his exam.

Letter of Phyllis Naidoo to Britton

letter written by Phyllis Naidoo to a friend in prison.

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