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Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi

Printing press

International printing press

Printing Press on Gandhi Settlement

Henry Polak editor of the Indian Opinion

Henry Polak. Polak is an editor Gandhi befriends at a vegetarian restaurant

Printing press in Phoenix

Printing press on Phoenix Settlement

M H Nazar

This man was M.H. Nazar, a secretary of the Natal Indian Congress. ... Indian Opinion and political activism on the part of its editors became anĀ ...

Indian Opinion was founded by V. Madanjit

Madanjit Viyavaharik, the owner of the International Printing Press and The first issue was prepared through 4 June and 5 ...

Gandhi's house at Phoenix c. 1960.

Gandhi's house toilet at Phoenix

Gandhi Museum on Gandhi Settlement Phoenix

Mahatma Gandhi House, Phoenix Settlement Durban. Museum in Bhambayi

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