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"Go home to India" placard won't stop Anesh

An Indian police station commissioner's first day at the office heading an all-African force in Umbumbulu.....

Indian night clubbers say they were turned away from Baghdad Cafe

The party of six did a double-take bouncer said politely: "No Indians.....

Tale of racial abuse

PIONEER Zarina Mahomed, whose family was one of the first people of colour to move into a white area, is hoping her seven years of harassment are over at last. her licence. Mahomed said she perceived the actions of the traffic policemen to be raciallybased.

Indians get top jobs says COSATU

COSATU in KwaZulu-Natal is having to deal with racial tension among its membership who feel Indians are being favoured by white bosses....

No one wants to hear the sobbing prophet of the apocalypse

Rogue AWB elements planted-the latest terror bombs, says Eugene Terre Blanche.

Bond between Rustenburg's Indians and Afrikaners is stronger than right-wing bombs

This weeks bombing....

Muslim to sit on Christian council

POTCHEFSTROOM Mayor Ebrahim Sooliman - a Muslim - made history this week when he took his seat at a predominantly Christian university council......

Democracy Watch

THE Democracy for All (DFA) programme, launched by t he Centre for Socio-legal Studies (CSLS) in 1993, is a national educational project which aims to provide eill South Africans with a pract ical . understanding of democratic principles e1nd practice. People from around the

South African History : a new look

South African History : a new look. N G Garson p 287-292 African Studies - CA 1975

Taking lessons of history

Newspaper article

National Women's Day

It  is  National  Women's  Day  once  again......


In the spring of 19052 acting chief Ntshingumuzi kaMkwetu3 assembled his section of the Qwabe4 people at his Nkanini homestead built on the middle reaches of the Nonoti river 5 on Crown lands in the Lower Tugela Division of the Colony of Natal.

The Wiser Review: No 1, July 2004

A series of essays compiled by Wiser, University of Witwatersrand

South Africa - The Rainbow Nation and Prospects for Consolidating Democracy


Zimbabwe Rhodesia: A search fro Unity

Political Science Project

The High Price of Peace

Political Science Project

The African National Congress

History of the ANC

South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
Compare unitary and federal Governments and discuss whether federalism will be a suitable constitutional arrangement for South Africa?

Will political power in South Africa's new constitution be centralised or decentralised?

Fanon, Marx and the New Reality of the Nation: Black political empowerment and the challenges of a new humanism in South Africa

Centre for Civil Society.


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