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The history of the Black man's struggle for liberation in South Africa and the role of Black Consciousness

This paper, possibly prepared for the inaugral conference of the Institute of Black Studies, Wilgespruit, 13-18 July 1976, traces the history of the political development of South Africa from the first Dutch settlements, British colonisation, the formation of the African Native National Congress

History of Black politics in South Africa: a personal perspective

A paper presented at the April 1972 National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) seminar.

Working paper background to republic day celebrations: oppositions to the public

This is a circular issued by NUSAS about the republic day celebrations,peoples stay away and students taking the lead.

Now Cape Town...Now Langa too is burning

The circular informs University of Cape Town students of a mass meeting to be held in response to the political turmoil that had begun to affect Cape Town. The government asks for law and order in an unlawful state. The meeting calls for solidarity with all victims of apartheid violence.

Who is next?

A circular calling for solidarity in the fight for freedom

Health care and repression
Inkatha President meets the media: "Let us put the good of the State before the good of the party"
Negotiations: KwaZulu stakes its claim
Leadership claims "should be put to the test". Government committed to joint decision-making
Inkatha's multi-strategy approach
Letters to the editor: Bear no false witness against thy neighbour
Black politics in disarray
Restitution/Reparation: a commitment to justice and peace
The African version of Christianity. Paper read at the Annual Bishop`s Conference of Council of African Independent Churches (CAIC) held at Otimati on May 19-21, 1988
The state of Black South Africa: a theological perspective
Truth is our ally
Praat politiek (article written in Afrikaans)
Talk politics
Bolt Number 8 1973


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