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The New Year
The New African: Volume 5, Number 4, May 1966
The New African: Volume 4, Number 4, June 1965
The New African: Volume 3, Number 4, May 1964
The New African: Volume 2, Number 9, October 1963
The New African: Volume 2, Number 8, September 1963
The New African: Volume 2, Number 4, May 1963
The New African: Volume 2, Number 3, March 1963
The New African: Volume 2, Number 10, November 1963
The New African: Volume 1, Number 1, January 1962
The New African: Cape Town and London, 1962-1970

A scholarly introductory essay on the periodical The New African.

The New African, Volume 2, Number 1, January 1963

Note: Pages 11 and 12 are missing from this issue.

The New African towards a Non-Racial South Africa - Volume 2 No 19


The New African

The New African Volume 1 No 1 was published in January 1962.

The National Situation: the real problems of the liberatory movement 3

Draft of an article by I B Tabata on the political situation in South Africa and an alliance of the African National Congress, the Coloured People's Union and the South African Indian Congress.

The national question and its relation to South Africa
The mystery of the 'don't knows'

In any education system "no other single factor determines to such an extent the quality of education in a country as the quality of the corps of teachers, lecturers and instructors" (HSRC 1981 : 180).

The Making of "Indianess": Indian Politics in South Africa During the 1930s and 1940s

The years 1914 to 1949 were witness to rapid and extensive change in the social and
material conditions of Indians. The transformation of the majority of lndians to an urban-based
proletariat presented them with new challenges as well as additional choices of group

The Long View: Again Rhodesia, Contact vol 9, no. 7


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