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The Wananchi Declaration

The Wananchi Declaration is the political manifesto of the Kenyan People's Party (KPU).

Nigeria at the crossroads

The events which followed Nigeria's army coup thirteen months ago have certainly left the country at the cross-roads.


Will unalterable facts of regional hostility keep major groups apart?.

Tribalism and Kenyan national unity

Nation building in the new Africa.

The rise and fall of Grace Ibingira - Part two

Insurrection in Uganda

The rise and fall of Grace Ibingira

A study in factionalism, nationalism and machiavellianism in Uganda politics.

After Nigeria's 100 days

The failure of liberal democracy through federalism.

Lesotho dilemma

Lesotho is part of Africa and its inheritors will be the men who have seen this simple truth and acted upon it.

Night of freedom

Fictional story.

The New African: Volume 5, Number 4, May 1966
Nigeria's 100 days since the end of the old constitution - a clear look forward and to the past

>Nigeria's political system: the future.

East African economic union: break-up or breakthrough?

From 1960 through 1963 hopes for speedy attainment of East African Federal Union waxed high. Then they began to dim and by 1965 to die away.

Nation-building in the new Africa

Towards a model of developmental process in the new African states.

The New African: Cape Town and London, 1962-1970

A scholarly introductory essay on the periodical The New African.

"Those unfortunate South Americans"

Nigeria and apartheid.

As the pace gets hotter

Student politics.

Smith's blank cheque

The overwhelming victory of the Rhodesian Front, led by strong-man Ian Smith, in the Colony's general elections on 7th May 1965, meant the end of the multi-racial opposition Rhodesian Party led by David Butler.

Towards unity

The New African assisting radical change in South Africa.

The New African: Volume 4, Number 4, June 1965
You must keep them out at all costs



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