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The University, The Church and the Political Conscience
Chapter seven: Government-created platforms - SA Indian Council
Chapter ten: Black political organisations
Chapter two: Government created political bodies - South African Indian Council
Chapter three: Government created political bodies - Coloured Persons Representative Council
Cuba's tears
The mystery of the 'don't knows'
Local and regional government beyond apartheid: From race to class power?
The working class in national democratic struggle
Christian ministry in a times of crisis

This is the speech delivered by Dr Beyers Naude on the occassion of the graduation ceremony of the Federal Theological Seminary in Edendale, Pietermaritzburg in 1977.

On the current political trends in South Africa in the context of the struggle for national liberation

An address to the Press luncheon in Washington DC on the national liberation struggle in South Africa

A call to conscience addressed to Catholics by their Bishops

Address by Bishops to Catholics on social and interracial justice, moral courage and dignity in human relationships within the South African context of racial discrimination.

The dualism of IB Tabata
Searchlight South Africa: a Marxist journal of South African Studies

Searchlight South Africa: a Marxist journal of South African Studies was founded by Baruch Hirson from 1988-1993, and to a large extent written by him in collaboration with other exiles and comrades from the revolutionary socialist movement.

Securing Rights for the Individual
The Politics of Negotiation
Perceptions of Change
Political Conflict and Civil Unrest in African Townships in Natal
Thompson and Prior's South African Politics
Tuneless Notes


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