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Statement issued by The Black Peoples Convention 11th July 1973

The statement was isued in reponse to an article in the Daily News dated 4th July 1973. In the article Chief Gatsha Buthelezi makes a derogatory reference to the anti-apartheid activist Professor Dennis Brutus as a "graduate of Robben Island".

State of Emergency: 1986

SA Press Clip Supplements

Sportsman boss
Speech : SAIC : Presidential Address delivered by Hajee A S Kajee at the opening of the conference at Durban re : UNO, Franchise, Housing, Licences

South African Indian Congress Conference

Sowetan - 10 years of Democracy
Soviet Union: the best - and worst - of times
Southern Rhodesia elects
Southern Durban L.A.C. Elections Ward 4


South West Africa and the United Nations
South West Africa
South Indian Congress – Reply of the South African Indian Congress to the memorandum submitted by the Government of the Union of South Africa on subject of the Indian Question document

Reply of the SAIC.....

South African Press Cuttings
South African Politics: The State of Play
South African Political newspaper cuttings
South African Indian Question

The historical context of time, place and circumstances helps to place the Indian factor

South African Indian Council. Copy of letters

SAIC correspondence


Re: George Singh

India and Pakiistan Delegation

South African Indian Council special subjects newspaper cuttings 1 file

Newspaper articles on the South African Indian Council

South African Indian Council Records

M D Barmania SAIC records to be handed to joint secretaries 1948 - 1949

South African Indian Council newspaper cuttings file2

South African Indian Council


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