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The Commonwealth Conference
The Contemporary Observer
The current internal political situation: briefing notes

African National Congress briefing notes on the South African political situation. Covers the political crisis within the ruling party, background to the present mass resistance, a brief review of current campaigns, and further proposals on a programme of mass action.

The Doctor's dilemma
The drummers
The dualism of IB Tabata
The Emperor's clothes
The entrenchment of privilege
The fact of African history (II): Islam in West Africa
The Final stroke
The Great Betrayal
The history of the Black man's struggle for liberation in South Africa and the role of Black Consciousness

This paper, possibly prepared for the inaugral conference of the Institute of Black Studies, Wilgespruit, 13-18 July 1976, traces the history of the political development of South Africa from the first Dutch settlements, British colonisation, the formation of the African Native National Congress

The Influence of Myth in South African Politics
The Kenya crisis
The Legacy of Apartheid
The Lesson of the Transkei
The Long View: Again Rhodesia, Contact vol 9, no. 7
The Making of "Indianess": Indian Politics in South Africa During the 1930s and 1940s

The years 1914 to 1949 were witness to rapid and extensive change in the social and
material conditions of Indians. The transformation of the majority of lndians to an urban-based
proletariat presented them with new challenges as well as additional choices of group


In any education system "no other single factor determines to such an extent the quality of education in a country as the quality of the corps of teachers, lecturers and instructors" (HSRC 1981 : 180).

The mystery of the 'don't knows'


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