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Annual Report of the Civil Rights League for the year 1973-1974, presented at the Annual General Meeting, Ocotober 7, 1974
Letter from Rev. Lucius Walker to Phyllis Naidoo

We take special pleasure in sending you our latest issue of lFCO NEWS. It comes as we are finalizing plans for the celebration of IFCO's 30th anniversary. And it comes with our special thanks to you because it is your steadfast support that has made IFCO's work possible.

Letters to Kisten from Phyllis

Phyllis writes to Kisten

Robben Island

Place of the martyrs.

The breaking of men

Solitary confinement and torture.

Editorial: Sick?
Editorial: The Mandela Vendetta
The Mandela Document

ANC booklet containing the full text of a document presented by Nelson Mandela to P W Botha in July 1989, stating his views on the armed struggle, relations with the South African Communist Party and majority rule.

The role of business in post apartheid South Africa

Speech delivered by Popo Molefe. The paper discusses the role of businesses in post apartheid South Africa.

Speech by Comrade Walter Sisulu at the National Welcome Back Rally

Text of speech by Walter Sisulu made at the National Welcome Back Rally in Johannesburg, 29 October 1989.

Hogan alleges heavy handed action by SP
Parole as Island turns 21

Twenty one years ago Robben Island was proclaimed a maximum security prison for political prisoners

Mandela - the man no prison can silence
The ANC and the road to negotiations
Recollections of Nelson Mandela: Part one - The first explosions
South African Love Song
Resolution on the process of political settlement

COSATU resolution on political settlement. Rejects attempts to impose reformist solutions. Demands unbanning of banned organisations, release of political prisoners, and return of exiles.

Pretoria Minute

Minutes of discussions between the South African Government and the African National Congress in Pretoria, 6 August, 1990. Re-committing themselves to the Groote Schuur Minute. Discussed violence and negotiations.

Founding statement for the visit to Washington DC of a delegation of South African church leaders

Report about a visit to Washington DC by a delegation of South African church leaders namely, Allan Boesak, Frank Chikane, Beyers Naude and Desmond Tutu, to urge the US Administration to lift the State of Emergency, release political prisoners, to unban organisations such as the African National

Internal Cape Reconstruction Committee: Cape Region Report

Report of activities in the Cape Region by the ANC Internal Reconstruction Committee.


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