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KwaZulu-Natal Peace process code of conduct
Koos and SACP pitch for media freedom
J P Gokool newspaper collection - 1980
Israel gives taste of coalition politics
Isandhlawana Special Issue No June 1980
Interview with the Midland Chamber of Industries

Oral interview with members of the Midland Chamber of Industries headquartered in Port Elizabeth. The aim was to explore their views at a time when political protests, labor action and repression countrywide were at record highs. A partial state of emergency was is in force in the eastern Cape.

Interview with SASO leaders

Oral interview took place in the SASO office when Gerhart visited to make an appointment for a formal interview with Steve Biko, which took place the following day. Gerhart was preparing her doctoral dissertation, which became her book, ‘Black Power in South Africa’ (1978).

Interview with Amabutho members

Oral interview with Amabutho which refers collectively to quasi-military formations of township youth who were also often known as "comrades" or "young lions." Mainly active in urban areas, especially in the eastern Cape, most were unemployed school-leavers who supported the United Democratic Fro

Indaba - together we all win
How Vorster uses anti- communism
Hard work and vision

The opposition's road out of adversity.

Hang our heads in shame!
From the paw of hireling wolves
From the beginning life is hard in Southern Africa
French West Africa: the background
Fragmentation of the Black resistance
For whom to vote?
Five aspects, four bad

On behalf of his party the leader of the Swaziland Progressive Party comments on the Swaziland Constitutional Committee's report to the British Government.

Fanon, Marx and the New Reality of the Nation: Black political empowerment and the challenges of a new humanism in South Africa

Centre for Civil Society.

Epitaph for a parliament


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