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What Now?
Dr. Verwoerd's Exaggerated Victory
Counter-revolution in Angola: Savimbi's links to Portugal
Interview with Amabutho members

Oral interview with Amabutho which refers collectively to quasi-military formations of township youth who were also often known as "comrades" or "young lions." Mainly active in urban areas, especially in the eastern Cape, most were unemployed school-leavers who supported the United Democratic Fro

Interview with the Midland Chamber of Industries

Oral interview with members of the Midland Chamber of Industries headquartered in Port Elizabeth. The aim was to explore their views at a time when political protests, labor action and repression countrywide were at record highs. A partial state of emergency was is in force in the eastern Cape.

Interview with SASO leaders

Oral interview took place in the SASO office when Gerhart visited to make an appointment for a formal interview with Steve Biko, which took place the following day. Gerhart was preparing her doctoral dissertation, which became her book, ‘Black Power in South Africa’ (1978).

An analysis of the interim report of the Commission of Inquiry

An analysis of the Schlebusch Commission of Inquiry, including the establishment of the Commission and the operation of the Commission. Incomplete document.

The "constitutional" fallacy
Editorial: Which way are we going?
The Liberal Party replies
The social basis of the European political groups
Central African Federation
Editorial: Drunk with power
Epitaph for a parliament
Prohibition of Political Interference Act, Act No 51 of 1968

The Act was to prohibit intereference by one population group in the politics of any other population group and the receipt by political parties of financial assistance from abroad

Preparing ourselves for permanent independence
The ANC conference: gearing to struggle for power
The South African Communist Part: preparing for a new era?
Preparing ourselves for permanent opposition
Commentary: Scientific socialism and the Marxist-Leninist Party


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