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The Black People's Convention (BPC) - South Africa: historical background and basic documents

The report contains historical background of the founding of the Black People's Convention, principles and aims of the BPC, the constitution, national and international relations and BPC viewpoints on education, land, human rights, farming, law etc

Second Report on Black Community Programmes and Zimele Trust Fund

This is an unofficial report on Black Community Programmes and Zimele Trust Fund written without the authority of the two organisations, in order to keep friends overseas in touch.

An Important Gathering
ANC - the long march to freedom
New Age Vol.8 No.23 Mar. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.17 Feb. 1962
New Age Vol.7 No.29 May. 1961
New Age Vol.7 No.28 Apr. 1961
New Age Vol.6 No.27 Sept. 1960
New Age Vol.5 No.26 Apr. 1959
New Age Vol.4 No.2058 Mar. 1958
New Age Vol.3 No.3457 Jun. 1957
Minutes of meeting: Black Peoples Convention Ad Hoc Committee

Minutes of a Meeting of the Black Peoples Convention held at Alan Taylor Residence, University of Natal on the 28th May 1972

Mao-Tse-Tung on democratic centralism
MK soldiers viewpoint
Heroes of our revolution: James A la Guma (1894 - 1961)
The workers weapon of victory
Inheritors of rich traditions
Editorial comment: Organisation - our mighty weapon
The role of the SACP in the struggle for national liberation


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