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Work In Progress 70-71, Nov-Dec 1990
Social History Bicycle Tour - Indian Johannesburg
Sanctions press cuttings
Disinvestment & Sanctions: 1986
Letter from Christoper Merrett

I seem to remember reading in an old issue of..........


Letter to Peter Brown from John

Thursday , 17th. Dear Peter,  Cyprian Thorpe, whom I saw on Tuesday at St Matthew's, was not as helpful as I had hoped he might be. He has of course been out of touch for five months and he said he is too busy to talk much politics on the mission .

Letter to Mr Jones

Dear Mr. Jones, I am not sure whether you were able to have discussions vii th our friends on your way home from here......

The political economy of the city
Strike Diary
Input by Gwede Mantashe to BMF meeting
Cosatu Press Cuttings

Survey of Indians in SA-Ms articles prepared by staff  of UDW 1964 re:employment opportunities ,educational Guidance,statistics,job resarvations etc 1964

Finance Minister - South African Government Budget 1999-2000
NP KeyFacts - GEAR Sabotaged
Umrabulo: Lets talk politics, No 6
ANC KZN PEC bulletin Nov 2001
Letter from Peter Brown to F A Proudfoot
UMRABULO: Let's Talk Politics, No 8
Statements Of The Black Leaders Summit, 30 November 1993
UDF and MDM shift into silent strategy


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