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Mid-March in Uitenhage
Democracy vs Secrecy
Schoolboy police
Press statement on stop hanging of Meilies and Jantjies.

Press statement regarding the hanging of Meilies and Jantjies as United Democratic Front calls on all peace-loving South Africans and the international community to demand government to stop hangings of Wellington Mielies and Moses Jantjies.

Police shoot teargas at protesting squatters
The commune of Bulhoek
Welverdiend spells death: a story of overkill
The Police and the Public - Part 1
Editorial: The Police
Editorial: Agents for Change
Victimisation by Police
Reports made to the police concerning the demonstrations and/or matters associated therewith: 16 th June 1976

A list of reported crimes that occured in and around Soweto on the 16th June 1976

Action against students and intimidation of students

Appendix C to the President's Report at the 45th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, University of Cape Town, 6th-14th July, 1969.

Annual report of the Commissioner of the South African Police for the year 1959

Annual report of the Commissioner of the South African Police for the year 1959

Protest, The Police and Public Order
Book Reviews: The SA Police: Amnesty Alleges Partisan Role
Police reserves are traps

This pamphlet discusses the formation of police reserves, and APDUSA examines the so-called reasons for the formation of the police reserves as been lies, and feels strongly that it is more of an attempt to deceive and split the unity of the oppressed.

New Age Vol.9 No.262 Oct. 1962
New Age Vol.5 No.458 Nov. 1958
New Age Vol.5 No.44 Aug. 1959


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